Dr. or PhD Degree. What to choose when studying?

Dr. or PhD?

If you have your bachelor’s and master’s degree behind you but don’t want to leave university, it’s a good idea to work in research and development. To do this, you need a promotional place – and there are more and more of them. This is the reaction to the demand of the growing number of students in the UK. However, science and research are also becoming more and more important internationally. This may even give you the chance to link the promotion to a stay abroad.

What does a Dr. or PhD bring?

Anyone who thinks the PhD only provides recognition or adorns your own name is wrong. A doctorate not only opens doors in medical professions or in the scientific sector. Lawyers and economists also earn noticeably more with a title or even gain access to higher positions. For humanities scholars, the title, unfortunately, means hardly any increase in salary, but you can do research in a sector that interests you, or even work at the chair.

Conceptual distinction

While the classical degree of the Doctor is common, in English-speaking countries there is mainly talk of the PhD, i.e. the Philosophical Doctorate. This is derived from the Latin Philosophiae doctor, which comes from the ancient tradition of science but today has nothing to do with the subject of philosophy. Instead, the title entitles you to independent and solely responsible teaching at a university.

However, the PhD in English language is not to be equated with a doctorate in medical subjects. This is an MD-PhD awarded only to Schools of Medicine. The PhD usually still has the addition ‘ in ‘, which indicates in which subject one has obtained the title. Sometimes when you try to get a PhD you need to get some assistance from professional PhD writing services and it makes sense.

PhD or Dr. what suits you?

Even if the PhD is standing abroad for work on an equal footing with the professors, you are of course not allowed to generalize this. There can be big differences in doctoral studies both abroad and at UK universities. If you have a choice between the two options, it is important that you think about your future. This includes, for example, the question of where you would like to work later. You should also ask yourself if you want to go abroad for this time.

If you answer no, but the PhD still suits you better, you can look for suitable programs in the UK, which already exist.

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